Bichon Havanais

Bichon Havanais is originally from the area around the Mediterranian Sea and maybe also from Cuba where it used to be a pet dog for the aristocrats.

Havanais is a soft dog, easy to be tought. It wants to please its owner. It is a really pet dog - it hasn't been bred to hunt and isn't so keen on chasing animals. However it is a dog with a lot of energy.

Bichon Havanais is a dog that is longer than it is high. It is elegant with hanging ears, big eyes and long silky soft fur.

The Havanaise can be white, beige, sobel, black with big spots in different colours.

Bichon Havanaise requires some fur maintenance. No fur cut or trim is needed. But combing is necessary and regular showers or bathing is recommended. A great advantage is that the fur doesnt fall off. Makes your home more tidy!

Height: 23-27 cm (accepted: 21-29 cm)

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